BIL-54-E - Billiards Fixture
CF-B - Cafe du Monde
CFSS-B - Six-Sided Cafe du Monde
CH-FM - Coach House® Flush Mount
CH-HC - Coach House® Hanging Chain
CH-LPCM - Coach House® Low Profile Column Mount
CH-OB - Coach House® Original Bracket
CH-RY - Coach House® Round Yoke
CH-SY - Coach House® Square Yoke
CH-TS - Coach House® Tudor Scroll
CLSS-12-F-E - Six-Sided Ceiling Flush
CON-FM - Contemporary®
CON-FM-STL - Contemporary Stainless
CRA-B - Craftsman
CRA-BNG - Craftsman Bungalow Light
CRA-FLT - Craftsman Flat Light
CUP-PHL - Cupola Pool House Lantern
CX-FM - Cotton Exchange Flush Mount
CX-OB - Cotton Exchange Original Bracket
CX-RY - Cotton Exchange Round Yoke
CX-SY - Cotton Exchange Square Yoke
E-P-BR - Broadway Post
E-P-HP - Holland Post
E-P-NO - New Orleans Post
ER-FM - English Regency® Flush Mount
ER-OB - English Regency® Original Bracket
ET-B - English Tavern
FH-GN - Farmhouse Gooseneck Bracket
FH-GN - Farmhouse Gooseneck Bracket
FH-HS - Farmhouse Hanging Stem
FH-PB - Farmhouse Projection Bracket
FH-PB - Farmhouse Projection Bracket
FQ-CB - French Quarter® Corner Bracket
FQ-CB - French Quarter® Cradle Bracket
FQ-CF - French Quarter® Cafe du Monde 
FQ-CM - French Quarter® Column Mount
FQ-DB - French Quarter® Drop Bracket
FQ-GN - French Quarter® Gooseneck
FQ-GN-LT - French Quarter® Gooseneck London Top
FQ-HC - French Quarter® Hanging Chain
FQ-HL - French Quarter® Half Light
FQ-HR - French Quarter® Half Rodin 
FQ-HS - French Quarter® Hanging Stem
FQ-M - French Quarter® Mustache 
FQ-OB - French Quarter® Original Bracket
FQ-OB-LT - French Quarter® Original Bracket London Top
FQ-OB-LT-LB - French Quarter® Original Bracket London Top & Bottom
FQ-PM - French Quarter® Post Mount
FQ-R - French Quarter® Rodin 
FQ-R-LT-LB - French Quarter® Rodin w Top & Bottom Finials
FQ-SPM & FQ-SCM - French Quarter® Spider Post/Column Mount
FQ-Y - French Quarter® Yoke
FQ-YD - French Quarter® Yoke Drop 
FQ-YH - French Quarter® Yoke Hanger
GOT-GN - Gothic Gooseneck
GOV-FM - Governor® Flush Mount
GOV-GN - Governor® Gooseneck 
GOV-GS - Governor® Scroll
GOV-OB - Governor® Original Bracket
GOV-PHL - Governor Pool House Lantern
GOVCL-CM - Governor® Carriage Column Mount
GOVCL-FM - Governor® Carriage Flush Mount
GOVCL-OB - Governor® Carriage Original Bracket
HP-PHL - Highland Park Pool House Lantern
IL-MAG-FH - Magazine Street Island Light
IL-MAG-WHD - Magazine Street Island Light
ITL-B - Italianate
ITL-FQB - Italianate French Quarter Original Bracket
LS-CM - London Street Column Mount
LS-GN - London Street Gooseneck
LS-HC - London Street Hanging Chain
LS-LY - London Street London Yoke
LS-MB - London Street Mustache Bracket
LS-OB - London Street Original Bracket
LS-OB-LB - London Street Original Bracket London Bottom
LS-PM - London Street Post Mount
LS-SPGN - London Street Spider Gooseneck
LS-SPPM/SPCM - London Street Spider Post/Column Mount
MAR-MB - Marseilles
MARI-GN - Maritime Gooseneck Bracket
MARI-OB - Maritime Original Bracket
MARI-PROJ - Maritime Projection Bracket
MB-H - Mailboxes Horizontal
MB-V - Mailboxes Vertical
MC-HC - Monte Carlo
MNT-R-E - Montecito Rodin Bracket
MOD-FM - Modernist Flush Mount
MOD-FM-STL - Modernist Flush Mount Stainless Steel
MOD-OB - Modernist Original Bracket 
MOD-OB-STL - Modernist Original Bracket Stainless Steel
MOD-SB - Modernist Shelf Bracket
MOD-SY - Modernist Square Yoke
MON-B - Monaco
MON-FQB - Monaco French Quarter Bracket
MT-MB - Martinique
NAU-B - Nautical
NH-BB - Napoleon House Brennan's Bracket
NH-OB - Napoleon House Original Bracket
PA-OB - Paris Alley Original Bracket
PA-PAB - Paris Alley Paris Alley Bracket
PND-WHD-HC - Warehouse District Hanging Chain
PRV-PB - Provence Provence Bracket
PRV-PB - Provence French Quarter Original Bracket
RAU-B - Rault
RAU-CM - Rault Post/Column Mount
RAU-PHL - Rault Pool House Lantern
RS-CY - Rosetta Standard Cabildo Yoke
RS-FMY - Rosetta Standard French Market Yoke
RS-OB - Rosetta Standard Original Bracket
SH-HC-E - Square Hanging Light
SH-HC-NO SCROLLS - Square Hanging (No Scrolls)
SH-HC_No Scolls - Square Hanging (No Scrolls)
SS-CM - Six-Sided French Quarter® Post/Column Mount
SS-CM-LT - Six-Sided French Quarter® Column Mount w London Top
SS-GN - Six-Sided French Quarter® Gooseneck
SS-GN-LT - Six-Sided French Quarter® Gooseneck w London Top
SS-HC - Six-Sided French Quarter® Hanging Chain
SS-HR - Six-Sided French Quarter® Half Rodin 
SS-MB - Six-Sided French Quarter® Original Mustache
SS-OB - Six-Sided French Quarter® Original Bracket
SS-OB-LT - Six-Sided French Quarter® Original Bracket w London Top
SS-OB-LT-LB - Six-Sided French Quarter® Orignal Bracket w Top & Bottom Finial
SS-R - Six-Sided French Quarter® Rodin 
SS-R-LT-LB - Six-Sided French Quarter® Rodin London Top & Bottom
SS-Y - Six-Sided French Quarter® Yoke 
SSLS-CM - Six-Sided London Street Post/Column Mount
SSLS-HC - Six-Sided London Street Hanging Chain
SSLS-OB - Six-Sided London Street Original Bracket
SSLS-R - Six-Sided London Street Rodin Bracket
SSLS-R-LB - Six-Sided London Street Rodin w Bottom Finial
SSLS-SPCM - Six-Sided London Street Spider Post/Column Mount
TUS-B - Tuscan
VC-PC - Vieux Carre®
WHD-GN - Warehouse District Gooseneck
WHD-GN - Warehouse District Gooseneck Bracket
WHD-HC - Warehouse District Hanging Chain
WHD-HS - Warehouse District Hanging Stem
WHD-HS - Warehouse District Hanging Stem
WHD-PB - Warehouse Projection Bracket
WM-F - Williamsburg Flush Mount
WM-F_E-WMS - Williamsburg Flush Mount with Stack
WM-LPCM - Williamsburg Low Profile Column Mount
WM-OB - Williamsburg Original Bracket
WM-OB_E-WMS - Williamsburg Original Bracket with Stack
WM-RY - Williamsburg Round Yoke
WM-SB - Williamsburg Williamsburg Shelf Bracket
WM-SY - Williamsburg Square Yoke
WMH-LPCM - Williamsburg Heavy
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