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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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French Lights

French lights have combined the best of practical function and romantic design is ever seen in New Orleans and beyond. French copper lanterns carry with them not only the ability to illuminate any space but also the history and heritage of Louisiana culture. These timeless pieces of artisanal quality are only possible thanks to the dedication of Bevolo coppersmiths that have spent decades in the business of lantern work. 

French Style to Provide Elegance to any Room

French Quarter Post Mount

Bevolo has been providing French lights in New Orleans, Louisiana, and beyond for four generations. As the longest family-owned light maker, we take pride in the founding designs and work of Andrew Bevolo Sr, who got his start in light making by helping provide lights for ships aiding the Allied forces in WW2.

As a New Orleans native, Bevolo Sr. would take his artistic inspiration from French lighting culture which, at the time, was waning in the 1950s. French designer A. Hays Town asked Bevolo Sr. to make him a French-style light with elegant curves, and the lantern master delivered in style. With hand-made rivets, the French-inspired light became the template for the famous French Quarter lantern that graces New Orleans streets and homes to this very day.

Bevolo French lights feature safety innovations that have been built into the structure of the lantern to guarantee a safe burn no matter where you’d place it. Multiple fixtures and mounting designs keep your copper light held high and proud in any weather, and a wide selection of copper hangers add additional display options. If you’re looking for even more pizazz, take a look at our “mustache” options reminiscent of a Parisian curl. 

We also offer stainless steel French lights for those interested in the aesthetic and performance of steel but still want their lantern to possess that timeless Bevolo DNA. Embracing the mantra “If you can draw it, we can build it,” we can customize a French lantern to your personal tastes with rivets, brackets, mounting/hanging options, materials, and more! 

Interested in seeing why Bevolo has been the best French light manufacturer for over five decades? Reach out to our staff today, and we’ll help you select the perfect French lights for your needs!