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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Copper Lights

Many people across the United States and beyond have been mesmerized by the dancing flame of copper light. To some, a light is a light, all very interchangeable. That is, until they see the natural beauty of Bevolo’s hand-made copper lights. Over the past decade, our artisans have sparked a revival of traditional-themed lighting that starts with three things: the best natural materials, the most talented copper workers, and the creative vision to make it all happen.

We pride ourselves on the fine craftsmanship that goes into each and every light and lamp that we produce. Whether you are looking for gas or electric options, we've got you covered. All of our lights are made with the future in mind - we want your copper light from Bevolo to last a lifetime. Bevolo lights are truly special, and they can help elevate your decor to an impressive level. 

Bring the Warmth of Copper Lighting to your Home Decor

Copper lights are famously known for their ability to weather practically any outdoor condition. A Bevolo copper lantern will shrug off rain like, and our bracket options will stand firmer against winds than a highly waxed mustache. Your copper lights will develop in color over time; a rich patina forms on copper that make it unique not only in craftsmanship but also from placement once it’s installed in or around your home. 

Copper lanterns have been an elegant lighting choice for hundreds of years and have been used by both princes and paupers alike. Fishermen would rely on copper coastal lights to safely see them home, and farmers would use copper lanterns to illuminate the barn house and pathways. Governors would use copper lights not only on their carriages but for performing duties around their estate. In fact, Bevolo artisans have put together copper light designs that echo all of the above social strata, their crafts, and more! 

Take a look at our custom lantern options and get creative; our craftsmen work each piece by hand so as to make it truly unique. Want to add a bit of Bourbon Street charm to your home or outdoor area? Then Bevolo’s French Quarter lights will fit the bill with classic New Orleans style. Copper accent lighting is also available to elevate the flair of any space. They’re perfect for adding additional ambiance to other architecture while providing a practical source of light to boot! 

Despite the explosion of copper lights in popularity, professional copper workers are becoming increasingly scarce in today’s world. Bevolo has been selling signature copper lanterns, accents, brackets, and more to every state in America and over 50 countries beyond. That’s why those who appreciate hand-made charm and the quality that comes with select their copper lighting from only the best in the business! Everything from pendant lamps, lanterns, industrial lighting, and so much in between, you'll find it here at Bevolo. We also offer copper mailboxes to give your home that polished look. We understand how important your home is, and we want to help you create a sanctuary that reflects a welcome and hospitable atmosphere.

If you’re ready to own your own piece of New Orleans history, then reach out to us today and become a part of the Bevolo legacy! 

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