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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Wall Mounted Lights

The benefits of using a wall-mounted light are many. Historically, people used to hang copper lanterns and similar lights on walls to illuminate rooms and hallways. Copper wall lights have been one of Bevolo’s expert niches for decades, and we’ve mastered the hand-made artistry it takes to bring only the best copper lights to your home, business, or outdoor space

Where to Put a Wall Mounted Light

There are many great places to put a Bevolo wall mounted light: 

1) Hallways. If you’re looking for the best ambient lighting to brighten up an indoor walkway, then a hand-crafted wall-mounted light is for you. When placed about six feet apart, it created a tempered, relaxed setting to stroll down. 

2) Large Rooms. Copper wall sconces and wall lights serve nicely as secondary lighting means that also add flair and culture to a space. They compliment copper chandeliers well and can serve as statement pieces themselves. They can also project much-needed light onto display surfaces. 

3) Outdoor Areas. For locations with pools, gardens, and sitting areas, copper wall lights and sconces are ideal. They endure both sun and rain, and they offer a cozy, warm atmosphere for relaxing with friends and family. Lighting also increases visibility, which can add to safety.

4) Entrances. Brightening up dark entryways with a pair of copper wall lights near your doorstep creates a welcoming mood that will impress every guest. It also elevates the curbside appeal and perceived value of your home. 

5) Showrooms. Want to increase the value of something on display? Pairing it with a well-made wall light will do the trick. Bevolo’s box-style copper lights are perfect for those looking for a more minimalist display light.

Tips for Wall Mounted Lights

Chic and modern sconces and wall lights are great for stairs, while culturally significant lights such as the classic French Quarter Lantern are best for statement pieces. Rustic yet industrial wall lights are great for workspaces such as kitchens, and they can add a steampunk flavor for the adventurous. Gooseneck copper lights offer a bit of a country charm and are perfect for those looking for a more vintage feel. 

Interested in going with the best wall mounted lights and sconces in Louisiana and beyond? Then reach out to the lighting professionals at Bevolo to start selecting the perfect wall lights for your needs!