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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Kitchen Lights

Bevolo kitchen lighting is both functional and aesthetic for those seeking a touch of New Orleans charm in their homes or businesses. Hand-made with pride in Louisiana, our kitchen lights have become staples of Romance decor that embodies both New World and Old World artistry. With a wide range of copper kitchen lights to select from, along with the option to design something custom, Bevolo is sure to craft the perfect kitchen and dining lights for your needs!

What Lights are the Best in the Kitchen?

Kitchen lights need to shine brightly so as to prevent any unfortunate messes or knife accidents, and therefore should provide adequate illumination. All of our copper kitchen lighting options deliver stellar brightness right where you need it most. 

The best kitchen lights will also require little maintenance; our copper and stainless steel lighting options can withstand any bump or splash from even the most adventurous kitchen appliance. 

Modern kitchen lighting options for over sinks are available as well, and such examples in the pendant collection make for perfect functional decor. Stainless steel options are equally available for those looking to complement the aesthetic of any existing stainless steel items in the kitchen. 

Designer kitchen lighting reminiscent of Europe can be found in our French lantern series. Not only does it provide practical light, but it also serves as a lovely conversation piece that’s durable to be passed down for generations. Copper lanterns make for perfect dining lights too; as many people eat in their kitchens as they cook in them. 

Select from a wide variety of hanging and mounting options for your kitchen lights such as from a yolk, chain, or straight pole. Our famous, hand-made copper French Quarter kitchen light looks particularly swell when mounted from a hanging stem in a kitchen or dining space. 

Artisan kitchen lighting elevates the atmosphere in any area they’re used. If you’re ready to embrace the timeless style of Bevolo kitchen lights, then reach out to our staff of lighting experts via phone call or email to learn more about how to bring a bit more brightness to your kitchen!