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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Contemporary Series

Create standout lighting within any contemporary space with our series of modern lighting fixtures. Bevolo’s contemporary lantern series features rectangular, streamlined designs that pair wonderfully with mid-century modern architecture and creative styles. These contemporary lights were designed with stainless steel in mind, but they are also striking in copper

Contemporary Style Lighting for Any Room in the Home

Modernist lights come with a variety of mounting options that balance functionality with form. The Contemporary, which can be seen as carrying the essence of the series, features solid construction that’s full of geometric lines which present a more modern look. For those looking for an even more streamlined modern lantern, our Modernist lantern models cut down on the mass and feature square yolks, shelf brackets, flush mounts, and more. 

Hanging square lights present a modern appearance without the scrolls, and our Barbershop pendants are great for handing over vanities, bars, or islands. Find the right balance between modern and industrial lighting with our dome and mid-century modern pendants which feature lots of copper and a variety of hanging options

Our craftsmen are happy to customize your contemporary lights to fit your unique tastes. For instance, they can make your modern lanterns out of stainless steel and can tailor their accents and mounts to suit. As for its fuel source, our contemporary lighting series can be powered by natural gas, electric, and liquid propane. Any limitations on powering options can be found in the description for each individual lantern. 

Contemporary lighting is meant to be modern while still being versatile enough to function in almost any space as its style evolves over time, making for a balanced investment considering that our craftsmen manufacture lights that last for generations. If you’re ready to become part of the Bevolo legacy, then call or email us today and get started designing your custom contemporary lights!