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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Signature Series

Bevolo’s Signature Series is a collection of copper lanterns that have become iconic for their cultural styles and unique designs. Each Signature Series light has been handcrafted by our talented coppersmiths so as to integrate within any space in need of quality lighting.

Copper Lighting to Match Your Unique Style

The Italianate copper lantern adds European charm to any home. Choose between stunning iron scrolls or classic French Quarter brackets when mounting this elongated lantern. On the other end of the length spectrum, Bevolo’s Tuscan copper light is a beautiful fixture that presents itself with a dramatically curved roof and embodies a similar Mediterranean flair. The Montecito light on our Rodin bracket comes from a more inland architecture around Campania, an area famous for its cozy villas and warm personality. These Italian-inspired lights are available in natural gas, liquid propane, and electric varieties. 

Copper nautical lanterns are reminiscent of the salty seas, though they won’t succumb to corrosion. They’re modeled after fixtures that illuminate oceangoing vessels and bring maritime flair to your property. Commonly used in coastal areas, the Boat Dock style of lantern is especially popular with shorter posts and columns. 

The Rault is a six-sided lantern with a more industrial look. Its broad copper top and flared sides show off the natural handsomeness of the metal, and it comes with a variety of hanging and mounting options. For a more formal style, the English Regency copper light showcases hand-cut copper work as well as elegant brass filigree. Ideal for buildings that require something spectacular, customers can choose from gas, liquid propane, or electric fuel options for this dramatic lantern. 

Gothic copper lanterns are characterized by sharp lines that draw the eye to their striking silhouettes. From churches to businesses to everyday homes, this style of light has been popular for generations. For a fixture that exudes rustic comfort, the English Tavern light fits the bill nicely. While the Gothic lighting series is available in natural gas, liquid propane, and electric varieties, the English Tavern copper lantern comes in electric only. 

Bevolo’s Craftsman copper light is our version of a prairie light; its labor-intensive construction uses the most brass work out of any other light. The Bungalow light is similar in style, though it offers larger glass segments with less brass. The Bungalow is only available in electric at this time, while the Craftsman comes with a variety of fuel choices that can be customized to suit your specific lighting needs. For more discreet illumination, our flush ceiling lights in multiple sizing and siding options bring much-needed brightness and a classic copper touch.