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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Unique Vintage Lamps Back To Collection

Change up your living space by adding vintage lights to your home’s decor. The creative lighting that rare, vintage lamps cast onto interior walls can imbue any space with an ambiance from another decade. From vintage glass lamps to colorful metallic lights, illuminate your creativity with the finest options hand-picked by our staff.

Vintage Lamps For Distinctive Taste

Unique vintage lamps are versatile in many ways. Use a vintage desk light to help you work, and use a gourd lamp to present an artistic mid-century appearance. Ceramic table lighting comes in a variety of styles and colors, each keeping with its own nuanced design which resonates with timeless charm. Vintage jar lamps really take command of a room, helping to draw eyes with familiar silhouettes. 

Glazed vintage lights are ideal for highlighting both raw and lacquered antique furniture and help bridge the eras of traditional and contemporary. Metal dome room lights and vintage floor lamps are larger in appearance befitting areas where unexpected statement pieces can shine in more ways than one.

Any slight imperfections found in the vintage lighting options listed have been professionally addressed by Bevolo’s trained staff of antique restorers, meaning that your vintage lamp will not only possess its original character but also provide you with illumination for several years to come. 

Want some help deciding which unique, vintage lamps will look best in your home? Our experienced designers are only a phone call or email away and can help you select the best vintage lighting pieces for any style you’re trying to cultivate.