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There are so many aspects that go into choosing the perfect lights for your home:
What style goes with the architecture? How many lights should there be? Where do they go?
Gas or electric? What is the proper scale? Don't get overwhelmed; let us help.


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Six-Sided French Quarter® - Exterior

The Six-Sided French Quarter lantern was designed for architecture requiring a traditional but more formal fixture. This lantern can be used to complement leaded glass doors, arched transoms, bay windows, keystones, and other architectural features.

Add a French Appeal to your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Bevolo's famous French Quarter lanterns have graced courtyards, boulevards, businesses, and homes all across the state of Louisiana and beyond with romantic, hand-made designs and practical, comforting light. As a family-owned business now operating on its fourth generation, Bevolo has delivered six-sided French Quarter lanterns for over 80 years. Our artisans have combined history and craftsmanship with modern technology and manufacturing processes to construct the finest New Orleans treasures that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Andrew Bevolo Senior started Bevolo Metal Crafts as an industrial lantern manufacturer making lights supporting the Allied invasion crafts during D-Day. After America was victorious in the Second World War, Andrew Bevolo applied his knowledge to making gorgeous chandeliers and copper lanterns for the French Quarter in New Orleans on a small-scale basis. Quickly, his talent for copper lantern manufacturing quickly caught on; more and more people wanted his artisans' lanterns for themselves. Over the course of Bevolo's early years, the company took advantage of repairing and styling Southern lanterns that were over 100 years old to meet the demands of the public. Eventually, this culminated in Bevolo's signature metal rivets that have been used ever since by our artisans to craft our copper lanterns. It is this unique fusion of 19th-century aesthetics and 20th-century craftsmanship that allowed us to create the first French Quarter lanterns.

Are you interested in adding additional pizzazz to your French Quarter lantern? Take a look at the variety of "mustaches" that we offer. Bevolo's traditional mustaches are hand-made with a clean, French-inspired curl, while our circular mustaches offer a simple yet elegant take. People seeking an additional touch of old-world charm will find our scroll mustaches tempting, as customers find them to be a great balance between curl and size. 

Inspired by the Romance cultures that once laid the foundation for the oldest areas of New Orleans, the six-sided French Quarter lantern can be customized by our workers to fit into any atmosphere required with a variety of tasteful accents available. Like the skilled hands of a baker making the curves of a New Orleans king cake, so do the hands of our artists work copper to make your perfect six-sided copper lantern uniquely your own.

Utilize a wide variety of hanging options in order to give your six-sided French Quarter copper lantern additional versatility and feel. Our canal hooks allow your lantern the perfect perch from which to hang, while our Rodin brackets keep things simple with a hint of Southern style. Utilize our goosenecks in order to present the image of a perfectly-balanced lantern glowing for all to see, while our column mounts with London topper options provide the perfect pedestal for you to display your functional art.

Do you have something custom in mind? Our craftsmen are always up to any challenge, and they can utilize a variety of metals ranging from copper to stainless steel and more in order to capture the perfect look that you're seeking for your unique lighting options. Give us a phone call or email today to learn more about our custom six-sided French Quarter lantern options or to get started on a project that's sure to brighten up your days!