Old Home Trends That Are Making A Comeback

January 24th, 2019

Everything good will eventually come back into style - if you didn't catch these furniture and decor trends the first time, now's your chance.


Art deco emphasizes ornamentation in the form of geometric patterns, symmetry, and old-school glamour. Get the look with Bevolo Collection's vintage leather and iron lounge chair or the French Art Deco chandelier. The chair features leather tied upholstery, wrought iron frame with pull-out foot rest; wood carved arm rests covered in leather with bronze tassels at the top back attributed to Jean Royere. The chandelier has copper finish featuring four streamlined arms. The arms support four hand-blown frosted glass shades and finished with icicle detailing and center dome, Circa 1920-1930. 


Wicker and rattan have never been out, but they are making even more of a mainstream appearance in their natural wood color, along with bamboo, harkening back to the Tiki days of the '60s and '70s. Get the look with vintage rattan lounger chairs and vintage bamboo lamp shade. The vintage 1960s rattan chairs was designed by Rohe Noorwolde in the Netherlands. The seat shell is made of Rattan and the tube steel base is black lacquered. 


Some of the shades that are dominating the 2019 landscape are straight out of your 1970s - era living room. Avocado green, orange, tans and browns, and the most popular of all: mustard yellow. Get the look with this vintage ceramic green table lamp and retro shade or Mid-century yellow glass pendant.  The lamp is vintage Mid-Century Modern green textured "barkcloth" ceramic table lamp with refurbished teak neck and base, Circa 1960. The vintage Mid-Century Modern yellow glass dome shape pendant features a frosted glass globe to cover bulb and brass fittings.


Chrome furniture and decor can have a '50s vibe or lend itself to the art deco trend, where chrome and steel were the dominating metals used in furniture production. Get the look with Bevolo's vintage Russell Wright table lamps or Mid-Century Modern Italian pendants. These Mid-Century Modern Russel Wright lamps are spun aluminum, circa 1950s. Russel Wright created a succession of artistically distinctive and commercially successful items that helped bring modern design to the general public. The vintage Artemide Arianna orange pendant feature chrome cap and are attributed to Peill & Putzler, Circa 1960s.

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