Islands in the Sun

August 19th, 2019

Draw inspiration from some of the most stylish ports of call throughout the world. From classic Nantucket elegance to modern Singapore forms, design ideas come from all different muses. The Governor Pool House lanterns can work with either, copper for classic style or stainless steel for a sleek modern look. See more ideas in the August issue of Veranda. 

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Nantucket Classic

Governor Pool House Lanterns

Maritime Original Bracket

White Slat Wood Garden Bench

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Singapore Modern

Governor Pool House Lantern in Stainless Steel

Modernist Flush Mount in Stainless Steel

Large Silver Beveled Floor Mirror

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Radiant Capri

Highland Park Pool House Lantern

Monto Carlo

Vintage Marble Foyer Table

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Pure Bali

Rault Pool House Lantern

English Regency Flush Mount

Mid-Century Modern Rattan Chairs

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