Most Liked Photos from Instagram 2021

We love seeing our lanterns on projects from all over the world. Instagram is a great way to share your project with us! We love featuring projects from all types of styles and designs.  These are the most liked photos from 2021 that we posted on Instagram. Thank you to all of our loyal followers! If you are not following be sure to check out our page to catch beautiful and inspiring photos. 

@Bevolo   #bevolo

#10 = 1.9k Likes

#9 = 1.9k Likes

#8 = 2k Likes

#7 = 2.1k Likes

#6 = 2.1k Likes

#5 = 2.2k Likes

#4 = 3.5k Likes

#3 = 4.9k Likes

#2 = 6k Likes

#1 = 8.6k Likes

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