Petite Chandeliers to Make Your Home Sparkle

View our new arrival chandeliers to find to perfect one to complement your home! Whether it's in a powder room, bedroom, closet, or any small space, make it shine with one of our new pieces. View the whole Interior Collection here.

Petite Brass & Crystal Chandelier

17"h x 14.5"od

Moroccan Brass & Jeweled Pendant

16"h x 12"od

Vintage French Gilt Gold Chandelier

17"h x 14.5"od

Gabby Lantern Pendant

22"h x 12.75"w

Vintage Round Iron Chandelier

17.5"h x 18"od

Crystal Rococo Ceiling Mount Pendant

12"h x 18"od

Petite Fantine Chandelier

13"h x 18"od

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