New Build in Athens, Georgia Lives Like an Instant Family Heirloom

There is certainly an art to building a new home with an old soul - one that both meets the current needs of the client while also imbuing a sense of timelessness and history. Designers of this Athens family home achieved this by integrating high quality reclaimed materials, a clever floor plan that connects indoors and out, and meaningful personal collections to ensure the project felt deeply rooted in both the community and family itself. Bevolo handcrafted copper lanterns will age gracefully over time on the exterior of this elegant estate.

Featured Lighting: Six-Sided London Street Original Bracket | London Street on Holland Post | London Street Original Bracket w/Bottom Finial | Six-Sided London Street Rodin | Coach House Flush Mount

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Did you know?

There are 97 rivets in Bevolo's Original French Quarter Lantern.

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Did you know?

There is a 0.0035% chance that a company will make it to the 4th generation.

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