The Modernist Collection

February 22nd, 2018

When designing a modern home, there are many different elements of traditional styles that should not be eliminated from the designs. Often thought of as old-world or historic, gas lanterns can be very transitional and work well with many different types of architectural designs. The Modernist lantern is streamlined and clean, its rectangular shape complements mid-century modern and contemporary styles. 

Stainless steel fixtures may be another option when using classic lanterns in modern design. Stainless will give you an elegant, sleek look while also maintaining durability like copper lanterns.

Stainless Steel Modernist Original Bracket  |  Stainless Steel Modernist Flush Mount

The newest additional to the Modernist series is the Modernist on Square Yoke. A great option when looking for a hanging fixture to complement transitional, contemporary, mid-century modern and many other styles of architecture. 

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