Hurricane Preparedness: Protect Your Fixtures

September 4th, 2017

With hurricane season in full effect, it's time to prepare your home & business. Follow your safety checklist & the  National Weather Service advisories. Below are a few tips to secure your Bevolo lanterns.

If possible, taking the light down is the most prudent thing to do.

  • Cut off gas/electric supply to the fixtures
  • If the lights are gas, they often can be removed withouttaking the bracket down
  • If the lights are electric, they typically have to be removed with the bracket

If taking them down is not an option, or you are in a semi-protected area & don't think it's necessary

  • Cut off gas/electric supply
  • Remove the glass (and chimney) to reduce wind drag on the light


For hanging lights tying down the light via tension wire/rope in three directions will add support to the fixture to help endure sustained winds.

AFTER THE STORM  |  If your lights are damaged, contact us for a complete evaluation. Send photos of your fixtures to & one of our lighting designers will reach out to assist you. Bevolo offers refurbishment options & may be able to repair your existing fixture or provide a quote for insurance replacement. 

Other technical questions?  Give us a call, chat online, or stop by one of our French Quarter locations! 

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