Farm Raised

Utah Style & Design

Brimming with distinctive design and masterful craftsmanship, these homeowners transformed a derelict 1800s structure into the family home of their dreams. Their designer's discerning eye brought the soul back into the home. Timeless details, including an asymmetrical layout, clapboard siding, exposed rafters, and glowing gas lanterns indoors & out, speak to the architectural history of the property and foster a feeling of integrity and comfort. Step inside this redefined traditional farmhouse with Utah Style & Design.

Featured Lighting:   French Quarter Yoke | Williamsburg Original Bracket | French Quarter Yoke Hanger

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There is a 0.0035% chance that a company will make it to the 4th generation.

Our History
Did you know?

Bevolo lights are made from the purest copper in the world.