Dining Room Glamour

Add Sparkle to Your Space with Bevolo Collection Chandeliers

There's something romantic about a formal dining room. Perhaps it's the thought of having a room completely devoted to eating and entertaining, or the idea of enjoying a sit-down dinner with family and friends. Whatever the reason, here are some ideas for bringing dramatic style to the space. Discover more elegant dining spaces with Better Homes & Gardens.

Rococo Crystal Chandelier

Italian Crystal Rust Filigree Chandelier

Vintage Crystal & Brass Chandelier

Monteleone Chandelier

Vintage French Brass & Crystal Chandelier

Hand-Crafted Kate Chandelier

Antique Italian Murano Glass Chandelier

Antique 1830's English Crystal Chandelier

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Did you know?

Bevolo has an actual U.S. patent.

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Did you know?

There are 97 rivets in Bevolo's Original French Quarter Lantern.

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