A Customized Approach

June 12th, 2017

Bevolo offers a complimentary design service to ensure every client receives a personalized lighting plan. Our designers carefully consider the location, placement, & individual architectural details to make specific style & scaling recommendations for every area of a project. When creating a comprehensive lighting plan, our designers will often recommend mixing & matching lantern styles to create hierarchy & to personalize your space.

We recently received photos of a beautiful Baton Rouge home from Architect Mike Sullivan & Bardwell Homes that effortlessly incorporates six distinctive lantern styles throughout. See additional photos & discover which styles were chosen in this project breakdown.

Governor Lantern on Original Bracket

A London Street Lantern on Mustache Bracket is placed above the main entry. 

A Napoleon House Lantern on Brennan's Bracketprojects out from the corner - creating a prominent focal point for both the walkway & gate.

Warehouse District Pendants were placed above the garage doors to project light onto traditional barn garage doors. A Governor lantern> is seen near a door beyond.

A French Quarter on Yoke Bracket Governor Lantern highlight a secondary entry.

A detailed Paris Alley Lantern on Hanging Chain enlivens a dedicated outdoor seating area.

The Bevolo Collection Large Zara Pendant.

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Bevolo lights are made from the purest copper in the world.

Did you know?

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