Batwing Flame Gas Lanterns

People looking for a distinctive and classic option for their beautiful Bevolo gas lamps might consider our Batwing Flame. Named after its appearance, the Batwing Flame produces a split-flame that resembles a "W" or a bat's wing. Apart from the unique visual aspect, our lanterns are the most fuel-efficient tips available on the market. Our state-of-the-art, patented gas tips provide maximum lighting effect for a fraction of the recurring cost.

Bevolo's gas burners offer the lowest BTU rating on the market. For a natural gas fixture, approximate monthly operating costs range from $7 for 800 BTUs to $11 for 1200 BTUs. That amounts to between $100 and $200 in savings each year compared to other brands! These bat-wing shaped gas burners are available exclusively on Bevolo fixtures and can make a significant difference in the appearance and productivity of your lighting solution.

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Did you know?

Bevolo lights have appeared in over 90 movies.

Did you know?

Bevolo has an actual U.S. patent.

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