About Gas Lamp Lighting

Gas lamps can give your outdoor space a glow without the harsh glares that come with other forms of lighting. These lamps promote a very warm, inviting and secure outdoor space that any yard or garden can benefit from. You can install a gas lamp in your patio, at the poolside or as a form of accent lighting. Wherever you choose to use natural gas as a form of lighting, expect a warm glow that doesn?t come with harsh shades. This type of lighting also doesn?t attract insects. Consider these before investing in natural gas lighting fixtures:

More on Gas Lamps

Know What to Look For

Gas lamps are quite unique from the electric lamps you are probably used to but they have a lot of similarities too. First and foremost, they come in as many designs and style as most electric lamps. You can choose from different options that complement your décor. Just make sure the design is the right fit for your home.

Installation Process

A gas lamp can be installed in almost any way you?d like. They can be mounted on your exterior wall to provide illumination around the house. The lamps can also be hung from the ceiling like most electric lamps. There?s really no limitation as to how or where you want the lamp to be installed. Consult our team and let them advise you on the specifics of the installation process.

Consider the Effects

Lamps can be designed for a variety of needs. There are those that have a flickering effect and are mostly used in outdoor spaces. Others come with mantles in order to provide the most illumination. Determine the purpose of the lamp and then choose one with the effects that are ideal for your space.


All of our lights are also designed with high quality glass in order to withstand harsh weather and extreme heat. Lamps that are used outdoors are often exposed to harsh environments like rain and storms, so we make sure our products can stand up to the elements.

Choosing the Right Switches

Gas lamps can be used together with different kinds of switches. You may consider having the electronic ignition system that can be turned on and off just like a standard switch. This will make it easier for you to operate the lamp.

Since natural gas prices have dropped over the past few years, a gas lamp can be one way to cut down the cost of utilities. You can use the same natural gas to heat your home and water so as to reduce electric bills. Remember that lamps that use natural gas come in a variety of styles. Take your time to choose one that matches your needs and budget.