Vieux Carré® Series

Rosetta Standard Cabildo Yoke

Designed by the legendary historic preservationists and architectural firm of “KOCH and WILSON”, these beautifully detailed lanterns were commissioned and built by Andrew Bevolo, Sr. and the skillful coppersmiths at BEVOLO METAL CRAFTS. These timeless and incredibly durably copper lanterns, remain in service today, gracing the many National Historic Registered properties in the French Quarter. The Rosetta Standard Light is available in natural gas, liquid propane, and electric.
Standard Lantern Sizes
Height Width Depth
24.0" 13.3" 13.3"
31.0" 14.0" 14.0"
38.0" 16.3" 16.3"
44.0" 23.0" 23.0"